How to choose the Best WordPress GPL themes for business?

How to choose the Best WordPress GPL themes for business

Choosing WordPress GPL themes for business is the most important and a little bit of a heavy task. Overall there are thousands of themes available on the internet, some of them are free to use and some of them are paid. Before installing these themes for your site, you need to check so many things.

Here I’ll tell you the important things that you should do or don’ts before selecting your themes and you will also get a list of the best themes to use.

Why is it important to choose the best WordPress theme for business

The theme is important because it shows how your WordPress site will look and how you could represent your content and brand to the world on the internet. As much as your theme looks good as many users may lend to your website.

It’s essential to keep a design in mind before choosing a theme, you should know if you want your website to have one column or multiple columns.

Your theme is the face of your website. There are a lot of different markets such as WooCommerce and multi-purpose themes that can be customized to fit any type of site.

What should you do before choosing a WordPress theme for business

As we all know users are always attracted to fancy and luxurious items so it is important to know the best things that you should do before downloading the themes. You should keep in mind these things so that you can grow your business more.

Make a list of features you wished

The first thing to think about is what features you want from your theme on your WordPress website. Make a list of all your features and check the themes if there are available features according to your needs.

Also, think about your budget. Well, there are also free themes available. Check those themes. You can also choose the paid themes that vary in price. Price will increase as you see a lot of features.

Think about color and minimalist design

Users are attracted to the fancy theme and layout and online marketing is also based on better appearance. Try to align your site name or logo with the color scheme. WordPress makes it easy to alter the view of a theme, including colors.

Site visitors always prefer light-colored sights. In dark color sights, there are problems with readability and more conventional design elements. The theme’s presentation design should not be complicated.

Choose a theme from a trusted source

Here is a list to buy the best theme from trusted sources.


Woo Themes

Theme Forest

Elegant Themes

Theme Trust

Ignore bloated theme

Always avoid cluttered themes, they will create a problem in running. Fancy music players and gaming capabilities may be alluring, but they can slow down your website.

New code will increase the risk of securities and features are often built with a focus on performing any particular function. So a rich theme feature is good to use.

Select responsive theme

A responsive theme means that it can perform and respond with mobile phones as well as computers. Themes that can fit the screen size of your device when the users access your website, without losing any functions or quality.

Almost 92% of users access the internet through mobile devices. If your theme is not responsive and adjustable according to the environment then you will lose traffic to your website.

Buy a premium theme

Sometimes free themes can also create some issues. Free themes lack support, have update issues, and the coding quality is not good enough. So you should choose a premium theme.

Premium themes offer more features than free themes that can help you to present better and look different from others. WP Engine’s themes are provided to customers at no extra price.

Compatible with the Plugins

You should choose the theme that can support your WordPress plugins. Plugins help to improve several aspects of your website like designing and developing. That’s why you need to choose the theme that can run with your plugins.

If you are confused about themes you can contact the theme developer and ask them about plugins. There are so many plugins available that you can select for website improvement. Some best plugins are-

Jetpack: This plugin helps with spamming filters, automatic social media platforms,s and website analysis.

Woocommerce: it is to transfer your WordPress website to your online shop.

Yoast SEO: it helps to improve the SEO of your website.

WP Forms: it is to create a contact form with a dynamic drag and drop interface.

Check rating and reviews

When you buy any product for your website you must check the product rating, you should also check the themes rating and read reviews of the users. It will help us to choose which theme has better features and how its performance.

Thus you can make your decision whether buying those themes is worth it or not. If you select a theme and there are no reviews then just leave and avoid that theme and look for a different one.

A high-rated star and reviews theme are best to use. Also check a theme is not outdated and full of malicious code. Because such a website can leave your website to cyber attacks.

Must have an option to Help Customer Support Team

Your theme should have an option of support. Free themes don’t offer guaranteed support, while paid themes offer you 6 to 12 months of regular support and updates with the option to renew.

Premium themes have their own customer support or help desk through their website. Beyond the Customer Support option, you should check the theme documentation. This will show you how you could set up the theme.

Check regular updates and speed

Themes need to be updated regularly so that they can avoid errors, bugs, and security problems. Make sure that the developers of your theme are up to date regularly.

The size of your theme also affects your site, so your theme should be lightweight. You need to check the speed of your website by a website speed test. For the free theme, you can simply run a speed test but for the premium theme, you can use a demo URL to test your site speed.


Which is the best WordPress theme?

There are so many WordPress themes that are best to use.








Can you change the WordPress theme?

Of course, you can change your WordPress theme with another theme at any time. But you need to be careful if you have a lot of customization to your site and you are Changing with another theme.

Which WordPress theme is best for beginners?





Is it easy to change a theme?

Yes, it’s to change a theme on WordPress, you can easily manage or change your theme on your site. But remember that changing the view of your site is a major event.

Summing up:

Always remember that a theme you choose will have a major impact on your WordPress website so it is important to think carefully about which theme is good for your growing business.

I hope this article will help you to choose a WordPress theme that can complete your needs and perform better on your website.

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