WordPressgplthemes.com Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance Statement

WordPressgplthemes.com Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance Statement Contents:

  • GDPR and Data Collection
  • Types of Data collected
  • Is all the data (Personal information) secured?
  • How to access data to make changes and to delete it?
  • About Us

GDPR and Data Collection:

On 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect which replaces all the Laws that are followed by European Data Protection. These new GDPR Laws strengthen the rights to data protection all over Europe.

This new General Data Protection Regulation gives you more control over how you let a company like WordPressgplthemes.com use your personal data. It is particularly made to protect an important type of data that includes your Email address, Name, and IP address (Personal Data).

When your data will be collected it will tell you where we collect the data and where we can use it.

Types of Data Collected:

Whenever a user or visitor customer visits our site we collected the followings types of data.

Personal Data:  This data includes the email address, Mobile number, password, or IP address. This data is collected on signing up at our site.

Processing of Data: It is necessary for the contract that has been made between you and us, furthermore it enables WordPressgplthemes to provide you with the services for which the contract has been made.

The reason behind Collecting the Data: Your Personal Data has been collected to provide you with a secure login by creating your personal account on WordPressgplthemes.com.

When we can use your data: We use the visitor data only to inform you about our new services or to provide assistance related to your account at this site.

Is all the data is secured?

There is a number of steps and measures that we follow to make sure that your account and personal data is secured and away from unauthorized use or access. Despite technological measures, we also have a skilled and trained team for data security. The team has a contract and provides assurance on not disclosing any personal data out.

How one can access his account to make changes or to delete?

Every User has the right to access his personal data at any time available on this site. If one thinks that his provided information is not right or entered by mistake then he has full access to his data to make changes even if you want to delete the data you have the full right and can do this at any time.

All the data including personal information and others is one that you can access at any time to delete or make any kind of change.

About Us:

WordPressgplthemes.com is a company that is made to provide premium plugins or Themes of WordPress and Woo Commerce at low prices. We also provide website monitoring services to our customer just make sure and to give them an alert about their site performance. SSL certificates validity, domain expiration, website vulnerabilities are other services that provided in website monitoring by WordPressgplthemes.